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What is Reiki?

What does Reiki do and how does it work?

Reiki is a Japanese holistic & therapeutic energy healing technique developed by Dr. Usui. It is a gentle healing practice that can be done remotely from a distance as well as in person. Reiki helps lower stress and helps your body deeply relax. When your body goes into its natural state, this allows you to experience a deeper healing. Reiki energy travels through pathways that are blocked or weakened and helps balance and align your bodies energy field. Reiki can speed up the process of the bodies own innate ability to heal itself.

Reiki's healing benefits can assist in:

A daily meditative & healing practice
Helping reduce blood pressure
Releasing anxiety
Healing the physical body
Releasing stored emotions from trauma
Balancing the Chakra system
Calming the mind

Reducing stress
Reversing negative habits
Clearing negative energy

About Reiki: About
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