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Liability Waiver, Client Intake, & Consent Form

I release Awakened Spirit LLC and Sarah Rickert (Kundalini Yoga Teacher) from any responsibility and/liability concerning the application, processing, and/or consequences of Kundalini yoga which consists of exercise sets that combine intense breathwork, stretching, movement, poses/postures, singing/chanting, meditation, and hand positions that I elected to participate. I consent to have the above described yoga services of my choice applied.


Understanding the risks of possible injury or irritation to old injuries, possible exposure to illness, I release Awakened Spirit LLC, its ​​​employees and its agents harmless against any and all liability, damage, and/or expenses arising out of or in connection with actions, claims, and/or damages resulting in personal injuries and disabilities (physical and/or psychological) or transmission of a communicable disease that I might incur as a result of the service provided today and I agree to voluntarily participate understanding these risks and their outcomes.


I also affirm that understanding the above described activities that I am healthy enough to participate. I give full consent to being taught how to perform Kundalini Yoga through verbal cues and sometimes through physical adjustments from the instructor if needed. I understand that if physical discomfort or pain occurs at any point in time during the yoga class, I  can stop and/or reposition myself to a more comfortable pose if I desire. I understand that I can go at my own pace and I do not have to push myself to do anything that is uncomfortable.

Thanks for submitting!

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