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Healing and Guidance

Awaken Your Inner Healing with Reiki, Kundalini Yoga, and Divine Guidance from your Angels.

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Distance Reiki Session

If you're looking for energy healing in the comfort of your own space and home, distance reiki is the perfect option for you! Reiki is universal life force energy and therefore can be any place at any time with no barriers from space and time. Balance and align your chakras anywhere, anytime at the convenience of your own home with no traveling necessary. (1 hour Distance Reiki Session) ​ Prior to your session, fill out the Client Intake & Consent Form.

Angel Oracle Card Reading

Have you been looking for answers yet haven’t been getting any clear messages? An angel Oracle reading can help you connect to your angels and guides and get clear answers and messages through the cards. Pick one question to ask for the Angel Oracle Reading that is closest to your heart for the cards will answer what you want to know the most. Make sure it is the question that is most on your mind that your emotions are connected to the deepest. ​ I will send your written reading via email with a picture of the cards, messages and guidance within 4-6 days after purchase.

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Kundalini Yoga

I offer classes in person and online. Kundalini Yoga consists of Kriyas (exercise sets) that involve a combination or Pranayama (Breathwork), Mantras (Sacred Sounds), Asanas (Poses), Mudras (Hand Positions), Visual Meditations, and more. Practicing Kundalini Yoga helps balance your chakras and can lead to Spiritual Enlightenment called Kundalini Awakening.

Class Packages

Group Distance Reiki Session

Reiki energy can reach anyone from anywhere with distance reiki. Working on groups is a beautiful way to help a group of people at once and leaves patients feeling relaxed and renewed. I love being able to give a healing experience to multiple people in one session and it's a blissful experience. (1 Hour Distance Reiki Session - Group Minimum: 4 people) ​ Prior to the session, all participants must fill out the Client Intake & Consent Form.

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Group Reiki Session

If you're class or a facility looking for multiple people to experience healing in one sitting, a Group Reiki Session is perfect for you. A little reiki can go a long way for each person to start on their healing paths. Reiki is a powerful healing tool that is useful for anyone who is open and ready to receive it. (1 Hour Reiki Session - Group Minimum: 4 people) ​ Prior to the session, all participants must fill out the Client Intake & Consent Form.

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Reiki Session (In Person)

Reiki Sessions are one-on-one in person sessions. Reiki Energy healing can be done by the practitioner placing their hands above your body and allowing the healing energy to flow through them to the client. This is a very relaxing therapeutic experience that can leave you feeling calm, rejuvenated, and reduce stress and anxiety levels. (1 hour Reiki Session) ​ Prior to your Reiki Session, you must fill out the Client Intake & Consent To Treat Form.

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